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Slip and fall lawyers: How can they help you?

Slip and fall injury is also known as trip and fall injury. So what does this type of injury mean? Well, slip and fall injury is a term which is commonly used to describe an injury resulting due to slipping off, tripping off or falling down due to dangerous or hazardous condition on the property of someone else. Such injuries can result due to snow, grease, water, rain, ice or any other type of slippery substance on the surface where you walk. Apart from this, injuries resulting due to changes in flooring, poor lighting, hidden hazard, etc. also fall under this category. You should also note that such injuries are considered a part of personal injury and a slip and fall lawyer will be able to take care of such situations helping you to file lawsuits against the concerned person.

Categories of slip and fall injuries:

The slip and fall lawyers opine that there are mainly four categories of slip and fall injuries. However, it is true that these categories are quite generalized. Let’s take a look: 

  1. Slip-and-fall accidents: In such accidents, you slip and fall down on the wet or greasy floor of someone else. There are no warning signs posted for your help.  
  2. Trip-and-fall accidents: In this case, a foreign object/material is placed in the walking path which leads you to fall down. Example of such objects include: stack of books, a table, etc.
  3. Step-and-fall accidents: In this situation, there is a hole in the walking surface or a missing manhole cover or utility cover in the sidewalk which may result in falling down of a person.
  4. Stump-and-fall accidents: In this case, there is normally an impediment in the walking surface such as a power cord, that wasn’t there previously and has now led to the fall of a person.

Slip and fall lawyers opine that if you’re on another person’s property and you injure yourself due to greasy ground or any other impediment, then the property owner will be liable for your injuries. You can take help of a slip and fall lawyer and file a lawsuit against the property owner. In case you’re the property owner and someone hurts himself/herself on your property, then you will face a lawsuit and will be held responsible for the concerned person’s injuries.

What to do in case of slip and fall injury

In order to make a strong lawsuit against the property owner, there are certain things which you need to do when you incur a slip and fall injury. You will have to gather information so that it becomes easier for the slip and fall lawyer to prepare the report. Here are certain things which you need to note down after the slip and fall injury:
       Date and time of the accident
       Take photos of the spot immediately after the accident has occurred
       Description of the circumstances around the accident spot
       Whether or not there was anyone else present at the accident spot
       Go for immediate treatment after the injury so that you can substantiate it with medical reports.

A qualified slip and fall lawyer will be able to help you the best in case of such an injury. He/she will help you know you rights and options so that you can take right steps in the correct direction.

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  9. This was fascinating to me. I had no clue there was a difference between slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall incidents. In fact, I'm pretty sure very few people outside of lawyers know that kind of information.You have done a great service by sharing this knowledge with us, so thank you.

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  10. Who do you sue if the fall happens in a public place? Can you sue? I was walking in a park the other day and I stepped into hole and sprained my ankle. The park is maintained by the city. Is it possible to get compensation for this?
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  11. My friend slipped and fell at work recently. How serious does a fall have to be before you should hire an attorney? My friend wasn't harmed too badly, but he is in some pain still because of it.
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  15. I was walking around the store and I was in a hurry so I was fast walking and I slipped on a water puddle. The problem there was no sign to warn me. I had then hit my head pretty hard I'm fine now. I would like to get a lawsuit for this, I have pictures but thanks to you I know what else I need to do.

  16. I've been lucky and unlucky a couple of time while out in stores. Sometimes the freshly mopped patches just sneak up on you. It is a little embarrassing to slip and fall, but usually I'm just grateful I don't get anything more then a sore ego and bum. I hope to never have to file a lawsuit because I was a little clumsy.

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