Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Are you tired of losing sleep over your mounting debt obligations? Then it is time to stop worrying and put your own personal debt reduction plan into action. Even the smallest change to your spending and saving habits can help you get past the endless cycle of paying high interest payments which zap your savings. Here are 5 suggestions to get you started on eliminating your debt forever. 

1. Get your financial house in order. Make a plan to sit down and examine all of your debt obligations and rank them. Once you know where your money is going, you can decide on how to tackle your debt problem. You can make progress by paying off your smallest debts first, and then working your way up your list to the larger ones. As you progress, your sense of accomplishment and relief will help you to stay on course to remain debt free in the future. 

2. Make paying those extra amounts on your debt obligations part of your regular monthly budget. Any extra amount you can pay on interest payments will help you bulldoze that debt and get you back on track financially. Even the smallest amounts in the form of extra monthly payments will put money back into your pocket and out of the hand of your lenders. Remember, the faster you can pay off your debts means more money for you.

3. Stop adding debt to your debt. If you are only making minimum payments on your credit cards, stop using them now. Take them out of your wallet or purse, lock them up or cut them in two if you cannot stop charging things. The only way to eliminate debt is to pay it off and if you keep adding to it, you are trapped. When in debt, cash is king. You should try to keep a credit card for unexpected emergencies, but if you cannot control yourself, you may be better off without it until your debt is under control.

4. Spend less than you earn. Make a real effort to reign in your monthly spending so you end up with more income than expenses every month to eliminate your debt problem. There are items we can all cut back on, whether its coffee, entertainment or going out to eat. Apply those savings to eliminate your accumulated debt and you will be on your way to being debt free forever. 

5. Pay on time, every time. Knowing exactly when to pay your monthly bills will help you avoid any unnecessary late charges or higher interest rates. Don’t let a late payment cost you money. Keep current on your obligations and keep the cash for yourself instead of giving it away in the form of a penalty. 

Article provided by: America’s Debt Help Organization, Our goal is to serve as the only debt and financial resource you need.


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