Monday, February 28, 2011

Money Saving Tips for College Students

Are you ready to send your son to college and find that he have no money? There are several ways to send your son to college and save money. Check out these schools – located across the country – to educate her child FREE!
Start early research colleges that offer free education student enrollment. Probably the year second-year students is not too early to start. This gives you time to research online and maybe make a trip to schools
These universities have special situations that allow them to offer free education classes – to do their homework. A university is the Cooper Union in New York’s East Village. It admits students solely on merit and awards full scholarships. The university specializes in engineering, art and architecture.
Or investigate Deep Springs College – a boys’ school in the California desert. The university emphasizes academics, labor, and self-government.
Browse location Alice Lloyd College, Pippa Passes, Kentucky is a liberal arts college with work-study program serving students of the service area of 108 rural counties in Appalachia. Of the 1,365 students who applied in 2007, 43% were accepted.
Research College of the Ozarks. U.S. NEWS REPORTS AND THE WORLD just listed University of the Ozarks as one of the best low-cost colleges in the United States. I have visited many times and did not find his philosophy refreshing! It is the liberal arts college with the program takes work and study. Students must demonstrate financial need and all are forced to work as tuition.
There are also completely free education in Canada! Browse countries. In addition, Sweden, Finland and parts of Germany, offering education for free. Therefore, keep your eyes open and investigate what is right for you.

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