Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Check the authenticity of your 25000 Iraqi dinar

As you have got your 25000 Iraqi dinar, it becomes very important to check the authenticity of the currency. The best test is to run you dinars through a De la Rue machine. Since this machine is very costly so it will be very much impractical and somewhat foolish on the part of the individual investor to buy a piece of it. There are about five ways of checking the authenticity of the currency. The first one, hold the Iraqi dinar note up to a broad light and you will see that a horse head appears quite clearly. This pattern is embedded; it is not printed into the paper.

There are also other ways of checking the authenticity of 25000 Iraqi dinar, such as look at the bottom left hand corner of the note from different angles. The eight symbols will change with the refection of light from purple to green. You can also hold a ultra violet lamp over the note, you will notice that there is an ultraviolet box on the back side of the dinar. You could also see an image of a dove printed in metallic ink on the top back left corner. 

You must always buy dinar from a trusted dealer of foreign currency. The 25000 Iraqi dinar is also the same case, neither you will lose precious money. Check the metallic security thread, which is embedded into the stock of the Iraqi dinar note. If you have brought dinars from any one of the trusted dealers, registered with the U.S Treasury department. They should also pose an excellent rating with the Better business bureau. You may receive a certificate of authenticity. These will guarantee that each dinar is real and authentic. If you have some previous experience then you can also do it manually.

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