Monday, September 26, 2011

Some information about the k-1 visa

The k-1 visa is the visa that is known as the dual intent visa as well that is usually issued to the fiancé or the fiancée of a person already residing in US. The general rule for the k-1 visa is that a foreigner must marry a US citizen who should also be the petitioner of the k-1 visa within the 90 days of his or her entry. 

Once the couple gets married, the foreigner can become the lawful permanent citizen of the US. He or she would also be known as the green card holder. Although the k-1 visa is also known as the non-immigrant visa, it offers some of the very important benefits of immigration and is thus processed by the immigrant visa section of the US embassies and consulates all over world.
In case the k-1 visa holder does not marry any US resident within 90 days of his or her entry into the country, then he or she must leave US within the next 30 days. Usually a majority of the application for the k-1 visa gets approved. In the year 2009, 95% of all the k-1 visa applications were approved.

Some of the requirements of the k-1 visa application are as follows:

Both the fiancées must be lawfully married in the state of residence from where the petition was filed. They both must be of the legal age for marriage and not already married to anyone else previously. As per the defence marriage act, the same sex marriage is not eligible for the k-1 visa process. Some people are not allowed to apply for the k-1 visa like those who have certain untreated communicable diseases, people who are criminals of moral terms, those who are addicted to drugs, people who are associated with terrorism or people who were earlier deported from US.

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