Friday, May 4, 2012

Financial Courses For Marketers

Professionally Endorsed Training Courses

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) celebrated their centenary year in 2011 as the world's largest organisation for marketers. Highly regarded within the industry, they have established government recognition as the sector's leading authority on marketing standards, information, knowledge and general practices. The institute also provide accredited, industry approved sales and marketing training courses which can be accessed through their extensive network of national and international study centres. These offer professionally recognised qualifications which are considered as the gold standard in marketing applications by 95% of the UK's employers within the sector. With over 120 courses on offer, CIM can deliver the potential for skill advancement for every tier of the industry ladder, from the entry level novice to the boardroom manager.


Foundation Level Training Courses

Budgeting for Marketers is a 7 hour course which is designed to help delegates to develop their levels of communication with other financial departments within the company. Understanding the correct terminology and methodology can be a great confidence boost when working in collaboration with others in a team based budget project. Of specific relevance to those new to budgeting creation and management, students will learn about the processes of reporting, forecasting and analysis when constructing a budget and the corrective applications which can be used to effect change in the event of a negative reaction. The course is taught as an interactive workshop with the opportunity to build a budget from sample data and justify the content and implications to other delegates. Fees for the 1 day course start from �550. Designed to show how using basic levels of maths and statistical processes can implement organisational change and achieve objectives, the Basic Maths for Marketers is a 1 day course which costs from �550 to attend. Course delegates are taught how to deal with the collection, processing, analysis and utilisation of quantitative data in order to liaise more effectively with colleagues during internal projects. During the hands on study programme, students will also learn about the differences between descriptive and inferential statistics, how IT can be applied to quantitative marketing and how to improve focus to enhance the ability to process data analytically.

Advanced Level courses for Marketers

The Managing Marketing Resources training course is directed at teaching delegates how to manage the balance needed between the skill set of a team and fulfilling the client expectations for their project. This is one of the most difficult skills to acquire and failure to do so can result in poorly designed projects with inadequate budgets, unrealistic time constraints and disappointing outcomes. Students are taught how to manage their people skills effectively, improve their interpersonal skills and comprehend their behavioural motivations in order to become a respected project and team leader. They also learn the importance of team dynamics and the managing the 'three Cs'; change, crisis and catastrophe. The course delivery is through hands on practice and role play scenarios with interactive exercises and group discussions. Course fees are charged from �1,597 for 21 hours taught over 3 days.

Training for the Boardroom

For managers who are seeking to improve relationships and team dynamics within their department, the Coaching Skills for Managers 2 day training course can offer an effective learning platform for the development of innovative tools for use within the office environment. All managers are familiar with the principles of training, mentoring and tutoring team members, but the processes involved in coaching can deliver a whole raft of benefits including how to allow for the potential of growth, enhancing performance and wellbeing, building rapport and utilising strategies for conflict resolution. During the study programme, delegates will be taught basic NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) techniques, how to inspire a greater level of commitment from their teams and to better understand the motivations behind why individuals behave as they do. The 2 day course costs from �1,325.


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