Sunday, August 12, 2012

4 Steps in Notarizing Your Signature on Financial Documents

To be always safe when it comes to your financial documents, it is a common practice to have those notarized by a notary public. In doing so, you will secure yourself from becoming a victim of fraud. The notary acts as an impartial observer in the signing of documents, and at the same time, establishes that the signers understand the document. The notary will also check the identity of the persons involved in the signing, making sure that no one is misrepresenting themselves.

If you are ready to secure your financial papers, do the following instructions on how to get your signature notarized:

1. Obtain the services of a notary public. Finding a notary to perform notarization on your documents is now made easy with the Internet. Before, you still have locate one using a telephone directory, or by going to your bank or postal office. Using your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can visit a search engine and type away the correct keywords like “notary public” plus your area. Or to make it easier, you can go to, which has an extensive directory of notaries public in the United States.

2. After locating a notary public, you can bring your documents, together with any valid proof of identification, to their office. Alternatively, you can also acquire the services of a mobile notary -- if you can’t or don’t like to travel. The mobile notary will go to your place and perform the notarization there.
3. Sign the documents in front of the notary public. It is best that the notary should witness each signing. Please don’t forget to also affixed the correct date under your signature.

4. Once you have finished affixing your signature, it is then the notary’s turn to also signed the document. A properly notarized document should contain the notary seal. The notary’s name, state’s name, and the notary’s commission expiration date should be complete on the seal.

If you have not skipped any of the steps above, you should have no problem in getting a correctly notarized financial document.

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