Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Lower Healthcare Costs

Healthcare starts with diagnosis and extends throughout treatment and prevention of illnesses, injury, diseases and impairments. Practitioners—doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists and care providers—in diverse disciplines globally specialise in areas related to these fields, including plastic and cosmetic surgery.
As costs rise we see changes to healthcare, such as America's Medicaid and the UK's National Health Service (NHS). Research and studies are aimed at improving healthcare for people all over the world. Internationally, people now have to find ways to lower healthcare costs, so that all from the wealthiest to the poorest may have their basic needs met. 

Medical tourism and private healthcare plans aim to make private care possible too for those in countries where healthcare is expensive, or if there are long waiting lists for organs, surgeries or treatments.

We can all contribute to lowering healthcare costs by trying to stay healthy and living healthier lifestyles. However, at some point we all need healthcare. In the UK citizens support NHS healthcare through payments of National Insurance (NI) from employment or self-employment. 

Prescriptions are paid for and some medical and dental treatments have banded costs. However, certain treatments may not meet NHS eligibility criteria, such as dental implant treatment or cosmetic surgery. In these cases, individuals rely on other options to reduce healthcare costs
We may be able to lower the cost of healthcare by:
  • Joining our company healthcare scheme
  • Taking out a private healthcare insurance or healthcare plan
  • Comparing costs of medication via prescription versus over-the-counter
  • Researching healthcare and treatments abroad
  • Supporting healthcare charities
Not all are employed by a company with a healthcare scheme and not all companies offer one to employees. Like a pension these schemes may offer insurance to cover certain medical expenses if an employee is in need of healthcare. These schemes may provide the financing for private health care.
Private healthcare insurance enables individuals to pay reasonable monthly premiums for certain private care treatments. Premiums may be stepped to cover basic to more advanced healthcare needs. Increasingly popular, healthcare plans are an affordable way to have choices in private healthcare.
Checking with a pharmacist to see if prescribed medicines are available over-the-counter at lower cost or generic may reduce healthcare bills. For more affordable treatments, many are researching options of healthcare treatment abroad in other countries. Others rely on healthcare charity for organs and care.

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